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This Week Rocked a Bit. Here’s Why.

19 May

• Summer hours have started at work for me. Each Friday before a long weekend like the one coming up this weekend (Victoria Day in Canada), my company is closed. I’ve been looking forward to this first extra long weekend for months, and it has been nothing short of uplifting getting through these last few days knowing that it’s a short work week.

• The BF has spent an intense month finishing up his final semester at school. He’s taken time off from his full-time job so that he could complete his term papers and study for his final exams. On Tuesday, he got a call from work letting him know that though he was scheduled to go back to work today, they wouldn’t need him for the rest of the week. This means that we  are able to leave for our road trip to Prince Edward County tomorrow morning, a full day and a half earlier than planned. This is also going to be our very first true long weekend together in two and a half years. His current job has him working Saturdays, so we haven’t even enjoyed a full weekend with each other in that length of time either.

• The BF wrote his final college exam yesterday, and is much closer to being a licensed optician. Amidst all the chaos of the last couple of weeks, this company to which he had submitted his résumé two and a half years ago called him for a job interview. And then, just hours after he wrote his exam yesterday, that company called to offer him the position. Timing could not have been more strange. While he is still on this road to completing the program and requirements to fulfill a new career path, he now has an amazing opportunity to work for a company that will utilize all his skill sets and education in both the IT and Optical fields.

• And the big fat cherry on top of my all good news week? Today, I received an email from Pawsh Magazine letting me know that Jelly is being featured as its Pet of the Week! How fun is that? We’re trying to not let it get to her head too much that she has become a bit of a celebrity.


Weekend Fun

25 Apr

Though the weather didn’t look too promising at first, the weekend ended up being warm and filled with lots of glorious sunshine. The BF took Saturday off from work for school, but his class got canceled at the last minute so we got to enjoy a true long weekend together, our first in a few years. We took advantage of the weather and this time together to take Jelly on some adventures to welcome Spring.

Looking out the window waiting for her adventures to begin.

I guess in our effort to avoid girly pink accessories, we have no one to blame but ourselves for everyone constantly calling her a boy.

On Friday, we took her on her first little hike at a conservation area north of the city.

She was well behaved the entire time and enjoyed lots of new sights, sounds, and of course, smells.

On Saturday, we brought her to a farm market. Here’s a picture of the man and our little dog.

Last night, we made our first visit to an actual outdoor dog park close to our house. This is one of the friends that Jelly made there — he was huge and slobbery, but incredibly friendly and cute.

And here is a moment that I caught on video — it’s such gold that I can’t stop watching it and laughing at the poor girl. She has tripped numerous times, running up and down the halls while carrying her stuffed monkey, getting her own limbs tangled up in those of the toy’s. Evidence of her clumsiness has shown itself lots, but never like this, and I’m so glad that I caught it with my iPhone.

Weary Weekend Ahead

2 Jun

Image from: weheartit.com

This upcoming weekend for me is going to be an interesting and challenging one. I have my first dragon boat race of the season on Saturday, which is pretty exciting, though the anticipation leading up to the moments of our very first heat is always accompanied by feelings of anxiety and nervousness. I am a natural worrier about things that are not worth worrying about.

I’ve been doing this for 7 years now (I think? I lost track a few years ago), and at the beginning of each season I always find myself wavering on the brink of not doing it /doing it again for another summer. In fact, in April I had made the decision to take this summer off of dragon boating so that I could spend my summer doing other things. It’s a recreational sport, but it does require a fair time commitment – 2 nights a week to train from April to August, not to mention the 4-5 competitive events throughout the summer on weekends. Additionally, my team typically does 1 out-of-town event, that requires at least a few hours of driving, if not a flight to a destination that’s even further. For the last several years, it’s almost as if my summers have been scheduled around dragon boat. And so, 3 months ago, I had made the decision that dragon boat and I were going to take a break from each other. I thought it was a firm decision, but I somehow got lured back via my own guilt and the promise of some really great things by my teammates and captain.

I’m actually quite glad that I’m back on the boat. This spring has been the best we’ve had in years, and in fact, even better than the entire summer that we had last year. It’s been dry and hot, and there’s nothing like being out on the lake on a warm sunny evening. I think that I would have regretted not being out on the water on these days, and I’m also pretty sure that I would have been kicking myself and lamenting my fat, lazy slobbishness for passing on a summer like this.

The challenge this weekend is not the race on Saturday, but rather the fact that I am also participating in the Becel Ride for Heart the next day. The day after my first race is typically a recovery day for me. I’m sore. I’m tired. Bruised and worn. Though this weekend, the chaser to the dragon boat race is going to be a 75km bicycle ride on Toronto’s DVP. I had committed to this distance during the time that I was still saying `no’ to dragon boat, and also because I had successfully completed that distance the last time we participated in the Ride for Heart 2 years ago. What makes it all worse is that I have not made the time to get on the bike more than once this season to get any semblance of riding legs. This may end up being completely embarrassing. I briefly toyed with the idea of taking the Monday off of work so that I could recuperate if I needed to, but then thought that it would make me a seriously wussy wimp if I did so.

I will do my best to get through this weekend without moaning, complaining or crying (fake or real). Wish me luck!

Signs of Spring

2 Apr

Photo by: _tomanthony via flickr Creative Commons

It’s April 2nd, the first day of a long weekend, and it’s gorgeous out.

I’ve opened our windows to let the fresh air into our house for the first time this year. To me, one of the best things about spring is letting that sunny breeze inside.

We took our bikes north and spent the afternoon riding and climbing the country roads. It wasn’t exactly the longest distance we’ve ever ridden, but the climbs were tough and it was the first ride of the season. I’m going to tell you a secret – we are getting ourselves ready and trained for a little try-a-tri this summer. There, I said it. I think that means it’s a real goal now.

We had some good eats at a pub out in the country. Rewarded ourselves after our ride with some lamb burgers, some pints of dark ale, and a wee bit of apple crumble at the end of it all.

And now, he’s outside scrubbing down the BBQ and getting it ready for a good and full season of grilling, which for us, starts tomorrow.

In this part of the world, we’re getting an early start to spring this year, and I hope that everyone took advantage of this beauty day too. We deserve it.

Nothing Else Like This

16 Mar

Image Credit: weheartit.com

You can’t help it. When the sun makes its first appearance known by bringing with it the warmer temperatures, everything feels like happiness. It’s hard to not be in a good mood. We start to really believe that the winter is behind us. You leave work and there’s still more day left. A stranger on the sidewalk feels good and smiles at you and you smile back because you feel good too. The changing light makes the world seem almost brand new to you. We say hello to spring. Welcome. What took you so long?

My Weekend in a Few Pictures and More Words

8 Mar

I think I kind of love this time of year, especially after the weekend we just had. The days are getting noticeably longer, the sun was shining all weekend, and the warming temperature made us feel a little bit closer to the Spring. Though there’s still small patches of snow on my front lawn, I’m pretty encouraged knowing that they will soon melt and our world of grey and brown muck will be revived with lively greens and tiny buds of life waiting to bloom.

We had a really productive yet mellow Sunday, and I’m pretty sure that I owe the relaxedness of it all to the prospect of Spring. We started our day pretty early by having breakfast with Ai and Steph, after which we did a little running around to do some of our typical Sunday errands.

It was a beauty day. I love what the sunshine does to our front entrance on days like this.

We got home and I had to start making our food for the week. I turned on  Julie and Julia on my laptop and started to cook up a bit of a storm. Among the stuff that I made was this improvised thrown-together kind of thing. I had bought a head of broccoli and some sweet potatoes, and because I had intended on roasting both in the oven, I thought that I would save myself a little bit of time and combined the two on a baking sheet with a little bit of olive oil, red pepper flakes, Herbamare and garlic cloves.

A little bit of a strange combination, but completely edible and pretty tasty. I love the colours!

A few weeks ago, Leesh suggested that I  join Fab Brunette’s Fabulous Book Swap and because it sounded like a completely cool and neat thing to do, I signed up. I’m so glad that I did because I got my book in the mail today! My book swap partner ended up being Für Elisse, a blogger whom I’ve checked out more than a few times on Leesh’s Blog Roll. I had sent an email to Elisse yesterday introducing myself as her book swap partner, and also to explain myself in advance of her getting the package that I had sent because I was totally embarrassed about the way that I had sent her the book I had chosen for her. I was completely impersonal and anonymous by wrapping the book in a FedEx pak, and inserting that into a plain cardboard envelope. So, I felt that I had to explain to her that I am brand new to the world of blogging and she was my first ever swap buddy. I promise I will be better next time I participate in something like this! Now I’m so glad that I emailed Elisse, because she ended up being totally awesome and sweet and now I have a new friend through this blogging thing.

This was the pretty package I got from Elisse.

I see now that little touches like this make all the difference when you are getting a package in the mail. Elisse even included a lovely little note that explained what the book meant to her and why she chose it for me.

I now get to add Still Alice by Lisa Genova to my library and am looking forward to reading it and to really sinking my teeth into this book. I have eyed it a few times at the bookstore, but never picked it up. With Elisse’s endorsement, I’m sure that I’ll love it and can’t wait for a chance to sit down with it. Thanks Elisse! I hope you like what I’ve sent to you too.

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