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13 Apr

My last post was a year and a half ago in July 2011. It’s
been one hell of a ride since then. I’ve turned lots of different
corners and my life has changed. A LOT.

  • In October 2011, after being together for
    nearly 8 years, the BF and I became


  • In June 2012, with 8 intense months of
    planning under our belts, we got married.

Wedding Steph

  • And just two weeks and three days ago on
    March 27, 2013 we became parents to our little girl, Clara

Clara To say the least, the last
1.5 years of life have been bewildering, especially to someone like
me, who does not welcome change easily. I became a wife and before
I could even think about getting used to that, I discovered that I
was going to be a mother. One would think that with everything that
was going on, I would have much to blog about. Oh, so contrary.
Despite all that was happening, I felt somehow that I had nothing
interesting to say. I think at one point I’d chalked it up to an
uninspiring company that I had found myself working within,
regretting putting myself in this position nearly every day when
comparing to the previous company I had left. Oh, and
therein was another life-changing event. Nine weeks into my
pregnancy in August, when no one other than my husband knew about
the tiny person growing inside me, my position at this uninspiring
company got eliminated. I got laid off! No job, and a baby on the
way. The shock and panic of having no job to go to the next day,
surprisingly, quickly gave way to relief. In spite of this all, I knew
somehow that everything would be okay. Plus, the time off ended up
a blessing as I spent a few weeks prone on my couch with first
trimester morning/afternoon/evening sickness. And I did find
another job — I had to, rather quickly. Trying to hide my pregnancy
for the first months at the new company was a challenge with my
growing belly. You quickly learn creative ways to do so, with
layers, accessories and strategically held notepads while traveling
around the building. I spent five months there at my new company
before taking my maternity leave a month ago. And today. Clara is
just over two weeks old. Between diaper changes, nursing, play
time, laundry, napping and all other fun child-rearing things I’ll
be doing during my year off, I suspect that I may have a few
minutes to fill. This blog is something that I’ve thought of a lot,
guilty for abandoning it and embarrassed that I left a rather big
chunk of myself behind.

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