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Day Four | My Childhood

10 Sep

Today’s prompt for My 30 Days is:

a picture of you as a kid
+ 7 facts about your childhood.

one | My Teddy Bear was named Dodo. All my dolls were named Diana.

two | One of my favorite things to do was to go to the public library with my mom and choose a big stack of books to bring home to read.

three | The first time in my life that I went to the theater was to go watch The Empire Strikes Back with my Dad and my Aunt. I remember lining up to see it, and being devastated and terrified at the end when Han Solo is being frozen in the carbonite, while not understanding at all what was going on.

four | My favorite movie was Annie. We had it on VHS and I watched it
every day.

five | A trip to McDonalds was a treat and an event. Unlike today, there weren’t that many around back then. We’d just be hanging out in the family room playing, and my Dad would come into the room and excitedly ask my Mom if
she wanted to go to “M–A–C.” Whenever we went, my brother and I would
each get French Fries and a milkshake, and we’d have a blast sitting on those spinning chairs.

six | I was embarrassed to the point of tears the one time I called my teacher “Mom” at my First Grade Science Fair.

seven| In my first couple of years of school, my favorite lunch to bring to school was a soggy hot dog wrapped in tin foil. My mom didn’t pack it often at all, but when she did, it was such a treat for me.


Show Me The Money……Maker

9 Jun

Tom Cruise has been a constant in pop culture for as long as I can remember. My BFF in Junior High fell in love with him the minute Top Gun came out, and she was pretty sure that she would end up marrying him someday, despite the fact that she was already taller than he was at that time when she was 11. He was the topic of many giddy conversations, and I would feign the same kind of fervent desire for Cruise, though on a smaller scale. I much preferred boys closer to my age at that time, ie. Corey Haim. Even back then, I didn’t really see what the big deal was with Cruise. My BFF back then would argue that he was stunningly handsome, his appeal elevated even more because of that imperfect grin as a result of his misaligned and off-centre top teeth. This slight defect lent to the fantasy that he was that much more accessible to us ordinary girls attending grade school in Canada. This is true – I remember many recesses spent talking about Tom Cruise and his crooked teeth. That, and the minor issue of his height.

Through the years, I still could not get his appeal, as a dreamboat, and even less so as an actor. For me, Tom Cruise played the same character in every movie he’s been in. That is, the young hot shot pilot/race car driver/bartender/cop/agent/publisher/insert profession here who is trying to live up to the example that has been set by his father (most often one who is dead). He yells a lot in his movies. He also runs quite a bit in his movies. Occasionally, he yells and runs at the same time.

When a new movie starring Tom Cruise is released, I can be counted on as the last one who wants to line up for tickets to see it. Despite this, I have seen almost all his movies, and I chalk this up to those times that something happens to be playing on TV and I have nothing better to watch, or those times that there is a DVD that is lying around and that someone in the room wants to pop it into the player to watch. And almost without fail, the movie will further solidify my feelings about Cruise and the lack of range in his movies and characters.

My level of admiration for Cruise pretty much skyrocketed on Sunday with that appearance he made in character as Tropic Thunder‘s Les Grossman at the MTV Movie Awards. I thought it was brilliant. Donning the hairy fat suit, the fake hairy arms, and a fake hairless pate, he first appeared in a recorded skit to introduce the Awards as the show’s producer. Pretty hilarious in itself. However, a little later on in the show, Les Grossman comes live onto the stage and busts a high-energy hip hop dance to Ludacris and then manages to keep up with J.Lo who joins him on stage too. I was completely surprised by his dancing, shaking his money maker like there was no tomorrow. Cruise showed that he is not the type of guy who takes himself too seriously, and can be and look insanely vulgar for the sake of good, fun comedy. I was utterly mesmerized and captivated, and I could not get enough of him.

Tom Cruise stole the show and a little piece of my heart at the same time.

Notes from a Weekend of Improving and Eating

29 Mar

1. I made butter chicken from a recipe that Ai was kind enough to pass on to us from Canadian Family magazine, and it turned out to be really good and it completely met with The BF’s approval. It was a no-fuss, no-frills way to fake butter chicken without all the dairy and the best of all, without the huge complicated process of preparing the chicken.

2. We saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D. I’m totally inspired by Johnny Depp’s makeup in the movie and one day soon I will open up my kit and transform The BF into the Mad Hatter. You know, for fun.

3. We went for our first swimming class on Sunday morning. Not that we need to learn how to swim, but I signed up so that I could learn how to make my stroke more efficient, and as well to increase my endurance. I also need to work on my breathing. When I learned to swim as a child, I had never made the connection back then as to why we were taught to blow bubbles under water. Up until a few years ago, I would hold my breath while my face was in the water during the front crawl. Turning to breathe every few strokes meant exhaling, then inhaling. I didn’t know that I was supposed to be exhaling while in the water. I’m still having some trouble with this, because I was swallowing a lot of water, especially when diving. Much to The BF’s amusement, I would surface each time after a dive sputtering and choking on all the water that I had swallowed through my nose. I hope to be a master breather and an expert underwater bubble blower by June 20th, which is our last session.

4. On Sunday afternoon, we had a brunch date with one of The BF’s oldest friends B. and his girlfriend C., who happens to be a good friend of my brother’s. Their relationship makes me happy, because it goes to show you that people can find each other and connect through links within their own networks of friends, and by making your way through the degrees of separation

5. We went to West Elm again, hoping to spend the gift cards that my brother has given us for the last two Christmases. Again, we didn’t really love any of the coffee tables there and are banking on the hope that they will get some new styles really soon. I ended up just buying a recycled glass water carafe. We also finally got some white sheer linen panels for our sliding glass doors in the kitchen and he installed them last night. Also on the home improvement front, like everyone else and their little brothers it seems, we took advantage of the sale that Ikea was having last weekend on their Expedit bookcases. He has a couple of them upstairs, as they are the perfect size to store records. We bought the small one to use in our living room as a console table.

6. I decided to try a recipe for Green Tea Poached Salmon by Claire Robinson (5 Ingredient Fix on The Food Network) in the latest issue of Clean Eating Magazine. It calls for limes, honey, fresh ginger, green tea and salmon. Just 5 ingredients, including the fish! Genius. It ended up being totally delicious, especially with the lime ginger sauce you make to go along with it, and is completely not bland as you would expect of poached salmon. I took it to work for lunch today, and it tastes even better the day after as leftovers.

It was a productive weekend, and a good lead-in to this short work week, which is supposed to progressively get warmer for us. What? 28° this Friday? I’ll take it!

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