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Springing Forward to a Better Man?

14 Mar

I just recently rediscovered the simple ease of putting together a regular fruit salad. I’ll load my shopping cart with a bunch of random fruits (mostly with whatever is on sale that week), come home and slice everything up into a bowl. It takes no more than 20 minutes, and is probably the easiest way to get more fruit into The BF, since he’s been coming home almost every day of the week with the same apple that we pack for him on Tuesdays. We usually spoon some of the fruit into a little Pyrex container, top it with some granola and yogurt, and we’ve got a fresh breakfast to go for week-day mornings.

I’m realizing too that this is becoming a bit of a regular thing for my blog, me posting these amateur food porn shots.

This weekend was another quiet one, which is a really good thing since the weather was so crummy and miserably damp and cold. The girls and I made our return visit to the spa and boulangerie on Saturday. Despite the dreariness, we enjoyed our afternoon, with our leisurely lunch, massages and mani/pedi sessions.

I’ll have to say too that I’m pretty happy that we’re doing Daylight Savings Time earlier now. While it means that I will be leaving for work in the dark again for a few weeks, we have an extra hour of daylight in the evening. In other words, a really good thing.

Another piece of good news from this weekend is that the replacement Moleskine planner that I ordered from Amazon got delivered to me at work on Friday afternoon. I paid nearly 100% of the purchase price for shipping, but I was so desperate and a little bit despondent after having lost my original one that it was worth it. When the envelope came, I snatched it from the receptionist’s hands, tore it open and immediately caressed the tiny black book and cradled it against my cheek. I was without it for 2 weeks, and had missed it A LOT. Thanks to friends near and far for keeping an eye out for a new one to buy for me. All is well again.

I’ve been BF-less this weekend and have had the house to myself. I’ll admit that I’m feeling a little lonely without him tonight, now that the weekend is ending. His work sent him on this seminar, where he is supposed to learn to be a better person and be able to propel himself to have a very extraordinary life and the most positive relationships. At first when he told me that he was being sent to this course, which by the way has kept him from 9am – 10pm every day since Friday, my immediate reaction was, of course, that it was a cult. However, after learning more about this intensive “forum,” and the graduation ceremony that he’s attending on Tuesday evening – which is more of a rally cry to encourage participants to summon their friends, acquaintances and little brothers to enroll in these seminars – I think that to call it “Am-Way for the Soul” would be more appropriate. It may have actually already started, because he called me on his lunch break this afternoon, and told me that “Am-Way for the Soul” would be a good thing for me because it would show me how to have a better relationship with my family.

Today is apparently the day that he and all the participants are to “transform.” What does that mean, you ask? I’m not exactly sure myself. It seems that he will be coming home a different man than he was this morning when he said good-bye to me and left for his day. A markedly better man. He may even be coming home to tell me that he has realized that our relationship is big sham. In which case, I suppose that I will have lots of fruit salad to finish by myself.


My Moleskine is Gone

27 Feb

The cherry on top of this craptastic week? I lost my little planner. I loved my little planner. And I can’t find it. I’m so mad at myself.

It was a pocket-sized Moleskine weekly notebook. Soft cover. Black. Perfect because it was so small that it fit into my purse, and perfect for me to make note of all the events of my pocket-sized life.

I lost track of it sometime last weekend. I’ve called every where I’d been, and no one has turned it in. Today, I tried to buy myself another one, but my local Chapters store no longer carries calendars and planners because it’s almost March. I’ll look for one this week when I am back downtown for work.

Losing stuff really sucks.

(Image from Moleskines.com)

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