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Ruffing It

24 Feb

She has been sweet, rambunctious, playful, affectionate, and a bit of a terror at 9:00 sharp every night, but she is our puppy.

Jelly came home with us last Friday night and was able to settle in relatively quickly. It was an easier transition for her than I thought it would be. She knows where her water and food bowls are set, she returns to the same spot in the living room each time to play with her toys, and she knows that getting under our sectional couch to worm her way from the one end to the other gets us riled up every time. She is silly and sweet, a little bit clumsy, and completely lovable. I miss her every time I am away from her and for this I am sad because she grows and changes every single day. She is a little bit different each time I come home to her. She won’t be a tiny puppy for very much longer.

She’s learning little by little, and we learn too. After every vigorous solo play session with one of her toys, Jelly loves to crawl into my lap, curl up and fall asleep. She loves to be wrapped in a towel when we dry her from an outing in the snow. She is terrified of rubber things. While she loves to chase the tiny soccer ball that we throw for her, she has quickly learned to not run so fast so that she can avoid bumping her head into walls and kitchen cabinets. She doesn’t like peanut butter so much.

Like clockwork, she wakes us at 5:40 every morning, which is fine because it gives us a little time to spend with her. We take her outside, feed her breakfast, then fit in one more walk and a little play session before we both get ready for work. I have no right at all to complain about our sleep deprivation since she’s been so fun to have around and get to know. As I said, she won’t be a tiny, curious puppy for very much longer so we need to enjoy these growing pains as much as we can.


An Introduction

18 Feb

This is Jelly.

We pick her up tonight from the breeder’s and she’s coming home with us tonight.

She is really sweet and we are looking forward to taking care of her for life.


(sorry about the quality of the photo. it was a quick snap, in a dark room on my iPhone)

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