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Moving on and Looking Forward

29 Apr

Friday marked my third anniversary at my current job. The owners of my company were thoughtful and nice enough to surprise me with this gorgeous flower arrangement delivered to my desk. It’s with a little bit of disbelief that I say I’ve been here for three years. I suppose that it’s a sign of growing old when time passes and you barely even notice that it does because it passes so quickly. I can hardly believe that it’s going to be May 1st this weekend.

Yowza! A third of 2010 is already behind us.

It’s been a gong show at work for the last few weeks, and without going into any detail, it reached its pinnacle at 4:40 PM on Friday. It was reason enough for me to want to get drunk that night on a bottle of cheap wine I had The BF pick up for me while I was finishing up at work. Drinking that wine and having the bottle to myself that night was the first thing I’d looked forward to in weeks. It’s so sad what my job has turned me into. I’ve realized that I need to give myself more responsible better things to look forward to. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

  • On Friday for my third anniversary, I was told that I’d be given an additional week of vacation, which gives me an extra week to play with and therefore, less strain on vacation days when we go to India in October. I’ve booked the days off work, have started looking into flights, and have been earnestly socking away bits of money so that I can pay for this trip.
  • I have a friend who is  getting ready to move to Chicago in a year to join her new husband. She’s been paring down her possessions and had some books to give away. On Saturday, she gave me a small pile of the books I’d requested. I love looking at this pile – it reminds me of when I was a young girl and I would come home from a trip to the library with my mom hanging on to a bag full of books, and spending those few delicious first minutes looking through my books to decide which one would get to be read first. I’m not sure what Lost Girls and Love Hotels is. I guess it’s a surprise bonus book that she just happened to throw in. Who knows? I may discover it to be a great read. I’m excited to read my way through this tiny pile, though I know that Marley & Me will shred me to pieces.
  • We never typically have anything planned for Victoria Day weekend and I always end up kicking myself for not taking advantage and making the most out of that long weekend. This year, we’ll finally be getting out to do some winery tours in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I say finally because it’s always been something that we’ve talked about, mostly in passing, saying that we should do it, but never finding ourselves committed to doing it. The season gets away from us, and there goes another year in which we should’ve made it out to NOTL. So, I’ve booked a Bed and Breakfast for that weekend. It’s going to be a teeny getaway, but I’m really looking forward to it, and it’s not just for the wine, I swear.
  • And finally, I look forward to being the winner (fingers crossed!) of Leesh’s latest giveaway! She’ll be giving away one Cheeky Monkey nail polish to a lucky winner. Get all the details of the giveaway and how to enter here.
Image from: The Blarkness Chronicles

Today I’m Down to Earth and Cheery

22 Apr

Though these last several days have been so frenzied, I want to talk about some of the brighter moments that have brought me little hits of cheer throughout this week. These are the kinds of things that made me smile, and served as reminders to me that work really is just work.

My daily hits of cheer:

image source: weheartit.com

Monday – Early in the morning on Tuesday, we got the great news that Ai, Mrs. Lovely Bump herself, had given birth to her healthy baby girl KSP the night before. I look forward to meeting her and seeing Ai for the first time as a Mommy.

Tuesday – I was happy and surprised to see that I was honoured with a blogger award by the amazing and sweet für elisse. This is my very first time ever getting anything like this as a blogger. I tentatively and shyly started blogging just a few months ago in February. It’s still a bit of an alien world to me because I consider myself a guarded and private person. However, I am growing to love this community more each day because I have had the opportunity to connect with many bloggers simply by reaching out through writing. Elisse is one that I feel fortunate to have connected with. Thanks so much for this award Elisse!

Wednesday – The tea that Leesh of the Blarkness Chronicles sent me for the online tea exchange finally arrived in my mailbox. I say finally because Leesh had been worrying that it had gotten misdirected or even stolen to be enjoyed by my postman himself. I was so excited to receive my package, that I didn’t bother to snap any photos of it before opening. [It was wrapped in Winnie-the-Pooh tissue paper. He’s my favourite.] It was Mate Chino tea from The Tea Emporium and it smells and tastes of cocoa and almond bits. Heavenly! What’s more is that it’s touted to be an immunity booster. Thanks Leesh. You did good!

Thursday – It’s Earth Day and each of us at work got a nice little gift from the Earth. Charming and pretty. It’s amazing what a single flower on your desk can do for your mood.

And the best part of the day is right now. Knowing that tomorrow is Friday and that the week will soon be history.

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