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13 Apr

My last post was a year and a half ago in July 2011. It’s
been one hell of a ride since then. I’ve turned lots of different
corners and my life has changed. A LOT.

  • In October 2011, after being together for
    nearly 8 years, the BF and I became


  • In June 2012, with 8 intense months of
    planning under our belts, we got married.

Wedding Steph

  • And just two weeks and three days ago on
    March 27, 2013 we became parents to our little girl, Clara

Clara To say the least, the last
1.5 years of life have been bewildering, especially to someone like
me, who does not welcome change easily. I became a wife and before
I could even think about getting used to that, I discovered that I
was going to be a mother. One would think that with everything that
was going on, I would have much to blog about. Oh, so contrary.
Despite all that was happening, I felt somehow that I had nothing
interesting to say. I think at one point I’d chalked it up to an
uninspiring company that I had found myself working within,
regretting putting myself in this position nearly every day when
comparing to the previous company I had left. Oh, and
therein was another life-changing event. Nine weeks into my
pregnancy in August, when no one other than my husband knew about
the tiny person growing inside me, my position at this uninspiring
company got eliminated. I got laid off! No job, and a baby on the
way. The shock and panic of having no job to go to the next day,
surprisingly, quickly gave way to relief. In spite of this all, I knew
somehow that everything would be okay. Plus, the time off ended up
a blessing as I spent a few weeks prone on my couch with first
trimester morning/afternoon/evening sickness. And I did find
another job — I had to, rather quickly. Trying to hide my pregnancy
for the first months at the new company was a challenge with my
growing belly. You quickly learn creative ways to do so, with
layers, accessories and strategically held notepads while traveling
around the building. I spent five months there at my new company
before taking my maternity leave a month ago. And today. Clara is
just over two weeks old. Between diaper changes, nursing, play
time, laundry, napping and all other fun child-rearing things I’ll
be doing during my year off, I suspect that I may have a few
minutes to fill. This blog is something that I’ve thought of a lot,
guilty for abandoning it and embarrassed that I left a rather big
chunk of myself behind.


These Days, I…

18 Mar

…am so fatigued that when afternoon arrives, I can barely keep my eyes open and they start to hurt. The contributors to my fatigue are DST and the hilarious little Jelly.

…am not complaining about DST. Though we are leaving in the morning when it’s still dark, we come home and it’s still light out. Prolonged daylight equals increased happiness for me.

…am not complaining about the hilarious little Jelly either. Nearly all of our free time is devoted to the tiny furball and it’s been incredibly exciting and fun to see her personality emerge, learn new things, and grow.

The Breakfast of Champions.

…am happy that everyone has been so eager to meet Jelly. We’ve had a steady stream of visitors since she’s come into our lives. We even had a spontaneous visit from my Aunt and her husband this past weekend, who live 5 hours away in Ottawa. It was all spurred by this photo that I posted on Facebook on Saturday morning, in which Jelly is playing with her new stuffed chocolate donut toy. My Aunt called me in a panic as soon as she saw the photo to tell me that I really shouldn’t be giving chocolate to my dog because it’s poisonous to them. Once we were done laughing over her mistake, she and her husband hopped in their car and came to stay with us for the weekend.

…am slightly mortified that my life has become all about this puppy and that it seems that it’s all I can talk about. I never wanted to become that person. I’m so annoying.

…think about my blog every day and feeling horribly neglectful of it. I started writing a post almost 2 weeks ago and have not been able to get back to it since. And now, though I really shouldn’t be doing this, I’m writing this at work.

…was so tickled to have seen our friend M., (actually one of The BF’s best friends from way back in high school) perform on stage two nights ago to be part of a new reality tv singing competition. It’s kind of like NBC’s The Sing Off, only the premise is of average Canadians forming “workplace glee clubs” that battle it out onstage for the charity of their choice. We went to the taping of their episode, and I was so incredibly proud and happy to see M. as one of the lead vocalists with his workmates, singing and dancing his heart out, that I actually got all teary. (shhhhh. don’t tell anyone. how embarrassing. I hope that wasn’t caught on camera). Also, it was a complete surprise to me that I ended up to be in the same room as Vanilla Ice that night, who is one of the three judges on this show. How is it that he is still around, and dressing the same way as he was in the 90s? The show will be airing in Canada later in the spring and M. will be getting lots of solo camera time. We were sworn to secrecy and had to sign waivers and all, so I can’t say what songs they mashed up, or who ended up winning the competition.

…feel like I’m having a slightly harder time adjusting to this “new” job than I thought. The BF asked me a couple of weeks ago if I was happy and I didn’t know how to answer. I’m mostly settled, but still feel slightly uneasy. My job now involves less stress, and almost zero drama which is completely different from my previous job. I will admit that this may mean that I feel like I am not so invested in my work because I have less at stake here. It’s not a bad thing, really, but after years of having fear, stress and anxiety as my main motivators, this is completely foreign to me: To work without being on the verge of a panic attack every second of my day.

…wish that spring would hurry up and come, and then stay a while. I am tired of wearing a coat and boots, and of making sure that I have gloves with me at all times. I am tired of wearing socks. I am tired of dry, parched skin. I am tired of winter.

…have been battling huge feelings of wanderlust. Since coming back from India in January, I’ve wanted little else than to pack my bags and just go, especially hearing about others traveling to Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, the Honduras and Italy just in the last couple of months. And it feels like India is a destination for many other people this year, including my cousin who is leaving in a couple of weeks to see her friend get married there and for Kay, whose blog I just discovered — she just left a couple of days ago and will be living and volunteering in India for a year. How amazing!

…made macaroni and cheese with spinach for dinner last night and have brought it for lunch today. I can’t wait to eat it.

…will get sorted eventually. I swear.

It’s in the Bag – Blog Crawl

22 Jan

Oh dear. This fun blog crawl that I signed up for on Ashley’s A Hasty Life Blog has been on my mind all month, knowing that my scheduled post date was coming up. Somehow, it got stuck in my mind that my big day was the 22nd. I’ve just realized that in fact I was supposed to post on the 21st – yesterday!

Ever since I’ve come back I’ve been horrendously disorganized….and confused. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been so bad at keeping up with my blog, and all of my favorite blogs on my reader and with commenting and whatnot.

Its in the bag blog crawl

Sorry Ashley for being a day late on this.

Yesterday, Kalanicut showed her bag and its contents off in her fun little post. Love her Michael Kors bag, don’t you?

And so, here is a look into my bag whether you like it or not.

This bag is a little over-the-shoulder number that I picked up in India from a store called Hi Design, which is a luxury leather goods store based there. The leather is soft and awesome, and the price was a little too good to be true compared to what we could get in North America, so I had to pick it up. We also got a messenger bag for The BF that day, because it was also really, really dirt cheap. And oh yeah, also because I have a thing for guys who wear messenger bags, which is probably the real reason I forced him to buy it. Oooops, I digress. Here’s what happens to be in my bag this morning:

Wallet: White vegan leather from Matt by Matt & Nat

Wristlet: by Coach, which holds all of my extra cards and miscellaneous items that don’t get used every day and don’t fit in my wallet.

Moleskine Planner: Though I am constantly on my iPhone, I don’t think I could ever or would ever stop planning my life on paper with pen.

iPhone Charger: I took this to work yesterday so I could plug my nearly-dead phone in to charge.



Pill Box: To keep me organized and to help me remember to take my anti-malaria medication. I’ve got 4 more to go until I’m done – this was a daily antibiotic that I was required to start taking the day before I arrived in India, and to continue for up to 2 weeks upon my return. By the way, I read yesterday that George Clooney is recovering from malaria himself after a trip to Africa. is this true?

Key Card: To get past the front door at work before 9am and after 5pm, when it is automatically locked.

Kiehl’s Lip Balm, Eye Drops for Contact Lens wearers, Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel, Sephora Lip Gloss.

Pen: Always having to carry one around makes me feel so grown-up.

Reusable Cloth Bag: This folds and wraps up into a strawberry. How cute is that?

Business Card Holder

iPod nano: Obviously from a couple of generations ago. Oh well. I gave my Touch to The BF when I got my iPhone 4 in November.

TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) Subway Transfer: Local public transit is something I avoid as much as possible if my destination is somewhere to which I can easily walk. Though last night, I had to meet The BF at his work, which required my riding the subway. Dirty.

iPhone: My iPhone 4 is missing from this picture. Because of my current camera situation, this was the only device with which I could take the above photos.

Though I’m a day late on this, it was super fun to participate in this blog crawl. I wish I had another blog to point to, but I’m the last in my group. However, you can check out A Hasty Life for all the links to everyone who took part in the crawl. Indulge your nosy impulses and take a peek in all those bags!

My Autumn Review in Pictures

5 Dec

Wow. Clearly I’ve been remiss. I was just clearing out the memory card on our camera in preparation for our trip, and there are pictures in there from September. Quite a few were taken specifically for my blog as I’d planned on writing around them.

So that I can feel a slightly less negligent, here are a few photos that I’ve just downloaded from our camera, just as we are heading into winter and Holiday season.

My brother’s and his girlfriend’s Westie-Poo. I heart this little fella and wish that I had one myself.



Leesh and me at the So You Think You Can Dance live tour in Toronto.

The cranberry-apple chutney I prepared for Thanksgiving dinner. Here is the delicious goodness cooking up all nicely.



And here it is bottled up for our dinner. So tasty and perfect with roast turkey.




Pumpkins at the farm market.



A cherub-like child camoflauged amongst a pile of pumpkins.



Our Halloween jack-o-lantern — Jack Skellington.

I wish I wasn’t so horrible lately at keeping up with my blog.


Happiness is Packages in Your Mailbox

23 Nov

I met the lovely Elisse of für elisse through a book swap we signed up for earlier this year. We’ve gotten to know each other over the last several months through our blogs, occasional emails, and now that we’ve both recently acquired shiny new iPhones, through the instant messaging service What’s App. Elisse has been a wonderful friend to me even though we’ve never met in person. She is really good at reaching out to just say hi and to stay connected. She’s also really good at making people feel special!

Imagine my happiness when I learned that I was to expect a little care package in my mailbox. Yes, it was supposed to be a surprise which Elisse had to spoil due to a small mix up in the mailing address (poor girl). Surprise or not, opening your mailbox to discover a package addressed especially for you is one of those joys that we don’t get to experience often enough these days. Elisse, the thoughtful and generous person that she is, wanted to bring this joy to quite a few of her friends far and wide and I was lucky enough to be included in this list of hers.

Look at the happiness that came to my mailbox late last week!

The envelope was packed with artfully wrapped goodies.

I exercised an extreme amount of patience in waiting until after dinner to unwrap my little gifts!
  1. Two hand-written cards for me – one from the original post date, and the second from after!
  2. A little desk calendar adorned with an adorable little doggy.
  3. A reusable cloth shopping bag. So handy to carry around in my purse for those spontaneous shopping errands.
  4. Two packing check lists, which I suspect will be a lifesaver for when we have to pack for our trip to India in 2 weeks. I’m going to let The BF have the second one so that neither of us leave anything essential behind.
  5. A package of Geisha Plum green tea from David’s Tea. What an excellent choice Elisse! This was one of my favorites from the Fall Line – I’d already gotten one refill on my tin of this and was running very low again. How did you know?!

Thank you Elisse, for all of these useful and thoughtfully put together treasures.

Sweet Blogger Friends

22 Nov

Check it out! Today, I’m being featured on Reni’s blog, MySo-Called Life, for her What Are You Thankful For Series, which is a series she created so that guest bloggers could share their thoughts and memories around Thanksgiving. I was privileged to be included, and from what I’ve been reading in the series so far, I’m in really great company. Reni is a blogger whom I met while I was doing the 30-Day Blogging Challenge. I’ve been really ticked to discover, through our keeping up with each other’s blogs, that we have a lot in common – it’s a little bit scary because I’ve thought once or twice that we could even be the same person.

Check her out, and my answers too, on her blog today. She is a gem – you’ll see!

There’s a lot that I’ve got to update. Thanks to all for your encouraging and great comments on my iPhone photos. This toy is a handy tool that I can not live without. While it’s a big sucker of time, it’s become pretty crucial in my day to day life!

One thing that I will also be getting to soon is showing off the little care package I got last week from another friend I met through blogging – the sweet, thoughtful and creative Elisse of Fur Elisse! Bear with me as I attempt to carve out some time for this.

Catching up with Five Random Tidbits

11 Nov

­­I’ve been really, seriously, embarrassingly behind on my blog. I thought that I had good reasons for not being able to post over the last couple of weeks, but then they just turned into really bad excuses because I have come to the realization that may actually be due to laziness rather than being crazy busy and tired all the time because I feel like I’m crazy busy.

Actually, I’m not really that crazy busy. Just crazy lazy.

My brain’s just been slightly overworked with the processing of a big slew of new information, people and things to get to know. I’m like a sponge soaking everything up. So by the end of each day, I’m at my capacity. My brain is fried and I am exhausted.

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my life outside of work. As I settle into this slightly modified existence, I’ve been forced to acknowledge a hard fact: I don’t adapt as well as I’d like to change. My routine has been shaken and as a result, I get all jarred and disoriented. Keeping up with simple things like keeping my sink clear of dishes every night or even making sure we have a proper dinner to eat have gone to the wayside. And this blog? Forget about it. So, to remind myself and you, if you still care, that I am still alive and kicking, here are five things that have been going on in my life outside of work.

one | I had a gloriously unproductive week off between jobs. During that time, I went on an overnight trip to Buffalo, NY with The BF and his mom to do some cross-border shopping for a slight update on my work wardrobe. I also got to hang out with Steph S-CO and Ai and their little baby girls that week, do some more shopping and search for a real bow-tie (not the kind that comes pre-tied – I had very specific instructions).

two | I finally did it. After long months of fantasizing about tweeting, snapping and uploading pictures and emailing on the fly (all functions that were very noticeably lacking in my iPod Touch), I got myself an iPhone 4. Sadly, I’m now addicted. Always on the lookout for cool new apps, that freaking Hipstamatic app was the first one I downloaded. Seriously. I can’t get enough.

three | Halloween was almost two weeks ago, yes, but I wanted to share a picture of our costumes this year. Can you guess who we are?

Though we always celebrate this in a huge way for his birthday, this year we went to a costume party held annually by one of his friends.

And look at how crazy crafty we were with the leftover stuff from our costumes. Using just a pair of scissors, a pen and some scotch tape, we put the CPKs in costumes too.

four | We leave in less than a month for our jaunt in India. Our itinerary is packed and set. After landing in Delhi, we’ll be spending a few days there to acclimatize and see some of the essential sights, including the Taj Mahal in Agra. From there, we’ll be off to Pune to visit some of his family, then we’ll be flying off to Goa for 4 days. I’m pretty sure that this is going to be one of the best highlights of the trip. Take a look at where we’ll be staying!

Photos from yabyumresorts.com

I wanted to stay in a hut, he was pushing for a resort. I wanted the genuine beach experience of Goa. He’s had that genuine beach experience there, having stayed in a beach hut six years back, and he kept insisting that I would probably not be able to stomach the less than ideal conditions. In other words: shared, filthy bathrooms, holes in the ground for toilets, creepy crawly bugs and insects, dirty bedding. We were about thisclose to booking a resort hotel, but as a result of my awesomely resourceful research skills, I found the Yab Yum resort on Ashvem Beach. We’ll be staying in one of their domes, which is kind of a hut-style accommodation, but with the security and amenities of a resort. It’s got the best of both worlds.

From our tiny beach vacation, we’ll be off to Mumbai, where this wedding is taking place. It’s a three-day event, including the Mehendi celebration (bridal henna ceremony), the wedding ceremony and the reception. We’ll be ending our time in India in Mumbai, touring some sights and sounds, and of course, spending Christmas here. Bollywood style, I hope?

five | I’m going to have to do without a Christmas tree this year, since we will be away over the holidays. As much as I try to find a work-around, I know that a tree just wouldn’t survive. I had to water mine once a day last year. I loved my tree last year. It was tall and full, and filled the corner of the room by the fireplace perfectly. I hope that our annual Holiday party can do without a Holiday tree too.

Day Thirty | The End.

9 Oct

Today’s prompt for My 30 Days is :

a photograph of yourself today
+ three good things that have
in the past 30 days

one | We booked our flight to India. We’re leaving in exactly 2 months from today. I just got my first set of shots yesterday at the travel clinic, which isn’t a very pleasant thing to do but still is entirely necessary.

two | I got a really terrific new job offer which I accepted. While I’m nervous about starting from scratch at a new company learning about their processes, getting to know brand new clients and making friends at work, I’m looking forward to facing fresh challenges.

three | I connected with new friends and got reacquainted with old friends because of My 30 Day Challenge, which I’m really happy about. I got to learn a bit about myself and more importantly, got to know more about all of you who are participating in this Challenge too.

I can’t believe that this is the end of the Challenge. It was seriously all kinds of fun. I’ll admit that I slipped a couple of times and sometimes didn’t post on consecutive days, but hey – I think I can say that my efforts weren’t too shabby at all.

My 30 Days | Day One

7 Sep

Welcome to Day 1 of my 30 days blogging challenge.

a recent photo of me
+ the meaning of my blog, in detail.

Silly self-snapshots.

I started this blog back in February, inspired by my friend Leesh who’s been a blogging for years at The Blarkness Chronicles. For me at that time, it was a test to see if I could take the plunge and start a blog, and even more to see if I could sustain it. I’m a fiercely private person, and the thought of writing about myself and my life for anyone in the world to find both terrified and motivated me at the same time. I’m still very guarded about this little space – not all of my friends, family or anyone I work with will ever know about this. I hope.

This blog is simply about me and serves me in many different ways. Sometimes I think it’s a bit of a journal where I can share, and at times vent. It’s also where I can reach out to other bloggers in this infinite but closely-tied community, because there are so many others out there with whom I can relate. It’s also a place I can write about randomness that’s on my mind, what I love at the moment or even have loved in the past; what I did on the weekend, or what I happened to make in the kitchen that day; I also can share thoughts on what is inspiring me.

I’m a girl who used to have champagne dreams, but is now on a beer budget. This has been my reality since The BF and I bought our house together. Compound that with the fact that he is transitioning in his career, which requires that he go back to school part-time, but also work full-time to fulfill his work placement requirement. Because of this, we’ve learned to live on a much leaner budget, still enjoying life while existing as simply as possible. It’s far from extravagant, but definitely comfortable.

This is why my life is nothing more than a simple kind of one.

30-Day Blogging Challenge

4 Sep

I came across this fun little challenge at Becca’a life in technicolor. I like the idea of  blogging for 30 straight days, encouraging myself to keep my posts regular, and each day’s prompts providing me with the  nudge and inspiration I need. I think it may force me to stretch my comfort zone and open up a little.

Anyone else want to join in the fun? I think that I will be starting this after the weekend.

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