This is Me

Creating my story one post at a time.

This blog is simply about me and serves me in many different ways. Sometimes I think it’s a bit of a journal where I can share, and at times vent. It’s also where I can reach out to other bloggers in this infinite but closely-knit community, because there are so many others out there with whom I can relate. It’s also a place I can write about randomness that’s on my mind, what I love at the moment or even have loved in the past; what I did on the weekend, or what I happened to make in the kitchen that day; I also can share thoughts on what is inspiring me.

I’m a girl who used to have champagne dreams, but is now on a beer budget. This has been my reality since The BF and I bought our house together. Compound that with the fact that he is transitioning in his career, which requires that he go back to school part-time, but also work full-time to fulfill his work placement requirement. Because of this, we’ve learned to live on a much leaner budget, still enjoying life while existing as simply as possible. It’s far from extravagant, but definitely comfortable.

This is why my life is nothing more than a simple kind of one.

I love that you stopped by.

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One Response to “This is Me”

  1. Leesh February 16, 2010 at 9:07 pm #

    Hey – I like your new blog layout and design!!!! I know there is nothing on this page yet but I thought I would leave this general comment about your blog in this section.

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