Catching up with Five Random Tidbits

11 Nov

­­I’ve been really, seriously, embarrassingly behind on my blog. I thought that I had good reasons for not being able to post over the last couple of weeks, but then they just turned into really bad excuses because I have come to the realization that may actually be due to laziness rather than being crazy busy and tired all the time because I feel like I’m crazy busy.

Actually, I’m not really that crazy busy. Just crazy lazy.

My brain’s just been slightly overworked with the processing of a big slew of new information, people and things to get to know. I’m like a sponge soaking everything up. So by the end of each day, I’m at my capacity. My brain is fried and I am exhausted.

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my life outside of work. As I settle into this slightly modified existence, I’ve been forced to acknowledge a hard fact: I don’t adapt as well as I’d like to change. My routine has been shaken and as a result, I get all jarred and disoriented. Keeping up with simple things like keeping my sink clear of dishes every night or even making sure we have a proper dinner to eat have gone to the wayside. And this blog? Forget about it. So, to remind myself and you, if you still care, that I am still alive and kicking, here are five things that have been going on in my life outside of work.

one | I had a gloriously unproductive week off between jobs. During that time, I went on an overnight trip to Buffalo, NY with The BF and his mom to do some cross-border shopping for a slight update on my work wardrobe. I also got to hang out with Steph S-CO and Ai and their little baby girls that week, do some more shopping and search for a real bow-tie (not the kind that comes pre-tied – I had very specific instructions).

two | I finally did it. After long months of fantasizing about tweeting, snapping and uploading pictures and emailing on the fly (all functions that were very noticeably lacking in my iPod Touch), I got myself an iPhone 4. Sadly, I’m now addicted. Always on the lookout for cool new apps, that freaking Hipstamatic app was the first one I downloaded. Seriously. I can’t get enough.

three | Halloween was almost two weeks ago, yes, but I wanted to share a picture of our costumes this year. Can you guess who we are?

Though we always celebrate this in a huge way for his birthday, this year we went to a costume party held annually by one of his friends.

And look at how crazy crafty we were with the leftover stuff from our costumes. Using just a pair of scissors, a pen and some scotch tape, we put the CPKs in costumes too.

four | We leave in less than a month for our jaunt in India. Our itinerary is packed and set. After landing in Delhi, we’ll be spending a few days there to acclimatize and see some of the essential sights, including the Taj Mahal in Agra. From there, we’ll be off to Pune to visit some of his family, then we’ll be flying off to Goa for 4 days. I’m pretty sure that this is going to be one of the best highlights of the trip. Take a look at where we’ll be staying!

Photos from

I wanted to stay in a hut, he was pushing for a resort. I wanted the genuine beach experience of Goa. He’s had that genuine beach experience there, having stayed in a beach hut six years back, and he kept insisting that I would probably not be able to stomach the less than ideal conditions. In other words: shared, filthy bathrooms, holes in the ground for toilets, creepy crawly bugs and insects, dirty bedding. We were about thisclose to booking a resort hotel, but as a result of my awesomely resourceful research skills, I found the Yab Yum resort on Ashvem Beach. We’ll be staying in one of their domes, which is kind of a hut-style accommodation, but with the security and amenities of a resort. It’s got the best of both worlds.

From our tiny beach vacation, we’ll be off to Mumbai, where this wedding is taking place. It’s a three-day event, including the Mehendi celebration (bridal henna ceremony), the wedding ceremony and the reception. We’ll be ending our time in India in Mumbai, touring some sights and sounds, and of course, spending Christmas here. Bollywood style, I hope?

five | I’m going to have to do without a Christmas tree this year, since we will be away over the holidays. As much as I try to find a work-around, I know that a tree just wouldn’t survive. I had to water mine once a day last year. I loved my tree last year. It was tall and full, and filled the corner of the room by the fireplace perfectly. I hope that our annual Holiday party can do without a Holiday tree too.


7 Responses to “Catching up with Five Random Tidbits”

  1. reni November 11, 2010 at 10:42 pm #

    i love your choices of where to stay in india. i, too, will have to do without a tree this year. first, i’m going to be in l.a. for christmas to visit my parents then back in oregon for one day and then leave for costa rica. bf and i started bookmarking hotels and such. hopefully, by thanksgiving weekend we can finalize things, book tickets, etc.

    • Steph November 11, 2010 at 11:20 pm #

      Costa Rica — how amazing! Have fun finding and booking your hotel.

  2. Elisse November 12, 2010 at 1:42 am #

    Glad to see that you’re still alive and kicking. I think it is easy to overlook the good and not-so-good stresses of change and adjustment. Especially adjusting to a new job.

    I love my iPhone4 – I am equally addicted as you are. That phone is good times. I’m always on the hunt for new apps (i.e. daily!) and will check out Hipstamatic! Have you checked out Instagram?

  3. kat November 12, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    i was just talking about Goa with a friend from work; his words: “it’s mad wicked there!”. So expect lots of fun times.

    i have to admit, i’m a big apple computer fan but not so much a gadget fan. i just can’t get over their propriety software hold they have on the consumer market however, the iphone4 is growing on me more and more. i actually get a mild geek boner whenever i see it.

    i’m glad you’re alive and kicking. hope the job is going well post when you can!

  4. Steph November 13, 2010 at 9:47 am #

    @Elisse: I have Instagram too and I love it! Endless fun and I love experimenting.

    @Kat: I’m so looking forward to Goa. I hope that I’ll be able to find the perfect balance between the “mad wicked” times and calm bliss there!

  5. Maureen November 14, 2010 at 11:25 am #

    The iPhone 4 rocks ass! I’m literally in love with mine and it’s currently the love of my life! LOL! Congrats on getting one! It’s so addicting but it does make you smarter. Haha.

    I’m so excited for your India trip! How long will you be gone for?

    And yay for your new job! Which company are you at now? Hope you got some good deals on your new work clothes.

  6. courtney November 18, 2010 at 12:41 am #

    a) NEED to get an iphone if for no other reason than for the awesome camera.
    b) does anyone adapt well to change?
    c) india sounds exciting. i look forward to seeing your blog posts and photos from the trip.

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