Detox Week One

17 Oct

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Our first week has passed and it was a really tough one for both of us. We were both feeling really crummy on Day Three. He was headachy and feeling weak and faint in the morning. I felt like my head was stuffed with cotton and my skin hurt. That afternoon I’d also started to feel really cramped and bloated.

I don’t remember feeling this badly the last time I went on the detox two years ago. Then again, this time around, it seems my Naturopath has eliminated a few other things that have made this detox much more challenging. On top of the basic things that I’d eliminated last time:

  • wheat/gluten
  • dairy
  • caffeine
  • soy
  • sugar
  • alcohol

we now also have to avoid red meat, white potatoes, vinegars, oranges, melons, mushrooms, corn and tomatoes.

We knew that this was going to limit us a lot, but we had no idea how challenging it would be. Things like vinegar, corn, tomatoes and soy sneak into everything. Even in my old go-to recipes for the meals that we’ve gotten used to preparing and eating at home. I’m in a fortunate situation because my ND has designed tons of recipes for a detox and has published it into a cookbook, which has been our bible in the kitchen this past week. Though, unfortunately for me, this detox has meant a huge increase in my fibre intake and I’m afraid that was the cause of my gut problems, which pretty much lasted until this morning.

And please, don’t get me wrong and think otherwise, but The BF is a willing participant in this because he’s also being advised by the same ND. He’s been earnestly subsisting on chicken, legumes and veggies alongside of me for almost a week now with few complaints. He’s always depended on his morning coffee to get him started, and with this program he had to quit it cold turkey and substitute it with a cup of green tea every day. Not easy. He’s also a big sugar fiend. No wonder his head was throbbing by the end of the third day on this.

I’m happy to report now that we are both feeling much better and are free of those detox symptoms. I’m also feeling slightly cleaner and can even say that I have a bit more energy now. I’m even happier to report that this only has to be ten days long rather than fourteen as I had originally thought. This works out perfectly for me, because that Day Ten coincides with my last day at my company and I’ll be going out with work friends on Friday to say goodbye in a big way with food and drinks.

Oh drinks, I miss you so much.


One Response to “Detox Week One”

  1. Maureen October 19, 2010 at 12:41 am #

    WTF?! mushrooms?? there’s no way i can detox from mushrooms… and alcohol… and sugar… and corn… and melons…

    yay you’re both feeling better and double yay to drinks for you this friday! 🙂

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