Fill in the Blank Friday – Another Random Edition

10 Sep

Short weeks kind of slay me. While the notion of fewer work days seems really great going into one, I feel like we work harder to jam a full week’s worth of work in.

Friday is now halfway over and I’m so glad.

One reason I look forward to Fridays so much is Lauren’s blanks. Why don’t you go to Lauren’s blog to see everyone else’s answers, and to link up yourself?

1.   The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten is caribou sausage. It was tasty!

2.  I wouldn’t be caught dead arguing in public with The BF. If he or I are ever annoyed or angry at the other, I’ll always ask that we save the “discussion” for when we get behind closed doors. I’m always uncomfortable when I see people in public engaging in all-out emotional verbal brawls, and I would never want to be that couple.

3.  When I am 75 I will be content about the long, happy and healthy life that I’m living.

4.  If I had to be named after a place I would want to be named Alexandria (Egypt).

5.  My name is Stephanie, and I don’t believe I was named after anyone. Though, Stephanie was obviously popular name around the time that I was born because I know so many that are around the same age as I am, that it becomes confusing sometimes.

6.  My all time favorite photo is one that was unearthed in a random pile by a friend of The BF. It shows The BF and me at opposite ends of a line of random old acquaintances (well actually, it also includes Steph S-CO, who is far from being a random old acquaintance). The BF is smiling at the camera, and I am facing away from the group with a blank expression on my face, having no idea that the picture is being taken of us. This photo is my favorite (right now) because it was taken the night that he and I met at a club in Toronto. At that time, it wasn’t an event that was significant to me at all and it’s written all over my bored face.

7.  If I could afford it I would buy a nicer house with neighbors that weren’t situated so close to me and maybe hire staff to take care of most of the cooking, cleaning and gardening so that I’d have the time to do things that I really enjoy doing!


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