Day Three | A Habit

9 Sep

Today’s prompt for My 30 Days is:

a habit you wish you didn’t have.

I pick my hair. It’s a habit which I developed around the age of 11.

I’ve been accused of having trichotillomania, which I’m positive it’s not, because I don’t have any significant loss of hair at all. Rather, it’s individual hairs that I’ll pull. I hate that I do this, but without even realizing it, I will run my fingers through my hair to find course or curly or kinky hairs to pull out. Once I pinpoint a good, special hair on my scalp, I don’t feel satisfied until I pull it out and I’ll work on it for as long as it takes.

Now that I’m writing this out, I am fully realizing how awful this is. And what’s even more awful is that I get annoyed with The BF when he attempts to stop me in the act.


One Response to “Day Three | A Habit”

  1. courtney September 10, 2010 at 12:36 am #

    EVERYONE does this kind of stuff. seriously. when you get married or live with someone you know all of their weird stuff. and you love them anyway- because you have your own weird stuff ūüôā

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