My 30 Days | Day One

7 Sep

Welcome to Day 1 of my 30 days blogging challenge.

a recent photo of me
+ the meaning of my blog, in detail.

Silly self-snapshots.

I started this blog back in February, inspired by my friend Leesh who’s been a blogging for years at The Blarkness Chronicles. For me at that time, it was a test to see if I could take the plunge and start a blog, and even more to see if I could sustain it. I’m a fiercely private person, and the thought of writing about myself and my life for anyone in the world to find both terrified and motivated me at the same time. I’m still very guarded about this little space – not all of my friends, family or anyone I work with will ever know about this. I hope.

This blog is simply about me and serves me in many different ways. Sometimes I think it’s a bit of a journal where I can share, and at times vent. It’s also where I can reach out to other bloggers in this infinite but closely-tied community, because there are so many others out there with whom I can relate. It’s also a place I can write about randomness that’s on my mind, what I love at the moment or even have loved in the past; what I did on the weekend, or what I happened to make in the kitchen that day; I also can share thoughts on what is inspiring me.

I’m a girl who used to have champagne dreams, but is now on a beer budget. This has been my reality since The BF and I bought our house together. Compound that with the fact that he is transitioning in his career, which requires that he go back to school part-time, but also work full-time to fulfill his work placement requirement. Because of this, we’ve learned to live on a much leaner budget, still enjoying life while existing as simply as possible. It’s far from extravagant, but definitely comfortable.

This is why my life is nothing more than a simple kind of one.


3 Responses to “My 30 Days | Day One”

  1. Leesh September 7, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    What a nice intro to why you blog. I am looking forward to seeing you through your 30 day blogging challenge. I wish I was doing it with you but who knows, maybe I will start just after you.

    I want to congratulate you in keeping up with your blogging. I am truly enjoying your posts. Aren’t you proud that you have kept up with it for this long?

  2. Elisse September 20, 2010 at 1:31 am #

    I wonder if you were able to articulate the reason for blogging back in February as well as you have in this post. I’m of the belief that our reasons for blogging evolve.

    And how do you stay “real” in your blogging? I think having some limitations as to which people in your “real” life know about this space helps keep your writing candid and genuine.

    P.S. I love taking self-portaits too 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Steph September 20, 2010 at 11:49 am #

    Leesh and Elisse – I think we’d all enjoy it if you both took up the 30-Day Challenge. It’s been quite fun to answer the prompts and write about things that you would never think about in the first place.

    @Leesh: Thanks for being the original inspiration to start this blog, and for your endless support and encouragement.

    @ Elisse: You’re so right – I struggled until I wrote this post on what to put in my “About Me” page because the words were never really there. I guess all it took was a prompt to get me thinking about this blog differently in order to write it.

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