I was an 80s Child

13 Aug

Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything from the 80s. And luckily for me, this extreme nostalgia for the 80s is one of the biggest things I have in common with The BF. Though we were both very young at the time, we are very fond of the gooey Velveeta that oozes from this decade, whether it be the television, the clothes, the make-up, the movies, the toys and games, or the music. Oh, the music! It’s most definitely our favorite part of the 80s. It fills up a big chunk of my iPods  and his record collection is made up of hundreds of so-bad-it’s-good albums, 45s and 12″ remixes. It’s a little embarrassing how giddy we can get when we’re at an 80s music party, or if an obscure favorite happens to come on the radio when we’re in the car.

So, I’m going to try to start a regular series on this blog and talk about why the 80s are so great to me. Starting with this post on my all-time favorite show of the 80s, Three’s Company.

Three's Company

Click on this image to see the opening sequence, featuring one of the best sitcom theme songs of all time!

I could spend an entire weekend in front of the tv binging on Three’s Company episodes even though I’ve seen each one countless times. And when I watch the show now, I wonder to myself how I enjoyed it as much as I did as a child. Granted, each episode’s story was not complex by any means, though I know now that essentially all of it would’ve gone way over my head back then. Sexual innuendo. Homophobic jokes. Inappropriate situations. I can only guess that the appeal that it had for me back then was the basic and silly farce of it all. Every single episode was just a comedy of errors, and even the immature and inexperienced mind of a child could appreciate that. And as an adult I can watch this show with its improbable and absurd situations and still laugh my ass off.

I will never understand Larry’s appeal, if he had any at all. The Ropers were hilarious as the landlords, but I’ll always prefer Mr. Furley. Cindy frustrated me to no end with her clumsiness, but it always resulted in a bit of comedy gold when she got in Jack’s way. Dean Travers will always be a creepy old perv flashing his lascivious grin whenever talking to Jack about his living situation. Chrissy’s nighties led me to believe back then that I would grow up to be a woman who wore pajamas like that. Mr. Angelino was a scary and mean boss. I will always crush a little on Jack Tripper.

My favorite episode is the one where Jack agrees to go with Janet to a private party held on a small island. He’s terrified of flying so he takes tranquilizers beforehand, but then also ends up accepting a drink named “The Rocket” at the party. He lies about his profession to everyone he meets and dances up a storm, making himself and Janet look bad. Sadly, I can’t find any videos online of this brilliant scene and had to settle on this mere screen shot.

Jack Tripper Three's Company


2 Responses to “I was an 80s Child”

  1. Leesh August 13, 2010 at 10:02 pm #

    I remember watching Three’s Company as a child. I wonder if I actually picked up on the sexual innuendos. Maybe I need to re-watch it now that I am an adult.

    I look forward to this new 80s series.

  2. Kathy August 14, 2010 at 7:58 am #

    who doesn’t love three’s company? my fav episode was when jack and the girls thought their neighbour, Leslie, was a killer & thief but he was really a ventriloquist. when they broke into his apt… omg that was so hilarious!

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