July Weekend Road Trip #1

16 Jul
Image from: weheartit.com

Right after work today, The BF and I are driving 4 hours up to North Bay, which is the first in a series of three consecutive weekend road trips for me. It’s a teensy little getaway for us, disguised as my race weekend, because we’ll be staying at my team mate’s cottage by the lake. And when I say “cottage,” I may actually mean “luxurious compound of properties” because I have heard rumors that my team mate has been modestly understating the expanse of accommodations that his family has offered to provide for us. After all, there will be close to 30 of us staying with them over the weekend and I’m almost certain that we won’t be all piled on top of each other.

It’s been officially declared: 2010 has been the hottest year on record. Depending on which side of the fence you are on, this may not be a good thing. But to me, this summer has been fantastic. Hot, sticky summer days are what I live for. This is how I’ve always remembered my childhood summers – full of sun and humidity, encouraging listless days in the grass sucking on a popsicle from the freezer, and begging your parents to turn the sprinkler on for just a few minutes. Looking back, the days seemed endless because they would pile on one after the other with no meaning and very little purpose. Still, you wished that it would last forever, knowing always in the back of your head that the dreaded first day of school was looming.

And now, all we have are the weekends. Two days out of each week that you wish you could stretch and extend even just a little. So, once the race is done tomorrow, I will look forward to spending the afternoons lying listlessly by the lake. My tasty treats most likely won’t include popsicles, but will most definitely be cold and refreshing and very booze-y!


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