Fill in the Blank Friday!

25 Jun

Today, I’m working from home, which means that I really should be focusing on work. I’ve got my lap top in front of me and it’s a gorgeous day outside with nothing but sun, and to be quite frank with you, work is boring me. This all makes it hard to resist playing along on another fun Fill in the Blank Friday. This week’s theme is food! If you want to play along, hop onto Lauren’s the little things we do and join the fun.

1.  If I could choose my last meal it would be a buffet of rich, saucy, spicy Indian food. Oh, and a plate of McDonald’s french fries

2.  My favorite person to share a meal with is  any friend that I haven’t seen in a while because it’s nice to catch up over a slow dinner with a bottle of wine.

3.  The best meal I’ve ever had was a lobster dinner I had in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’d never seen a lobster that big, and had never tasted a lobster that fresh and succulent in my life. We overindulged that night on fresh Atlantic seafood, and we paid the price afterwards with very sore tummies.

4.  The one food that makes me feel instantly better when I’m having a bad day is dumplings. Any kind of dumpling from any nationality will do – Polish pierogi, Italian gnocchi, Japanese gyoza – but I especially love and will gobble up any kind of Chinese dim sum dumplings.

5.  My absolute specialty in the kitchen is I’m not really sure that I have one yet. Right now, I suppose it is this recipe that I found for Ping Gai, which is a Laotian Style Grilled Marinated Chicken. It’s always a huge hit when I make it.

6.  The city that has the best food is Toronto. We have such a diverse city and therefore any type of cuisine, and authentic cuisine at that, is readily available for you to discover and fall in love with.

7.  My favorite healthy snack is unsweetened natural apple sauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

8.  In my opinion the nationality which has the best food is Indian. I love the flavors and textures of it. Everything is so complex and layered.

9.  If I could learn to cook anything in the world (and be really good at it!) I’d choose seafood paella. It looks pretty complicated and would take lots of time and care to get it right.

10.  The most outrageous dessert I’ve ever had was hmmmmm. This is a tough one. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, and I’m sorry to say that there are no real memorable desserts in my mind. I can say that my favorite dessert is crème brûlée.


One Response to “Fill in the Blank Friday!”

  1. Lisa June 29, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    I really like apple sauce too! I should eat more of it!

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