Just Another Manic Work Week

21 Apr
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It’s been one of those crazy weeks. A hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing on the verge of screaming fits of tears week. Work has turned me into that frantic girl that I hate being. It’s been busy at work – really busy and stressful, and I really hate using that word “stress.” But everything seems to be spiraling because I can’t seem to catch up due to all the new demands that have been continuously developing and clustering, waiting for my attention. And yesterday, I couldn’t seem to quell my anxiety any bit and stop my hands from shaking. Every morning this week, I’ve woken up hoping that it will be the day that things ease up even a little bit so that I can at least feel like I’m competent at my job and get something done. Today, I was actually told by one of my colleagues that I need to stop apologizing to everyone. To not feel like I’m imposing on the team by managing my projects and communicating the demands of the clients to them and making them crank out the work. She reminded me that we’re all just doing our jobs, and that I don’t need to ever be sorry for doing mine. That made me feel a little bit better, knowing that not everyone at work hated me for being so unreasonable, demanding and bossy, because you know what? It’s not actually me who is being unreasonable, demanding and bossy. I’m just the messenger.

This too shall pass.

Every project comes with its own set of challenges and fires will inevitably break out that need to be doused. In a few months when we see the products of our work, we’ll forget about the moments, days and weeks we felt we would never see a good resolution or a proper end to things. These hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing on the verge of screaming fit moments will never be the most vivid memories of these weeks. We’ll come out of it not remembering things as bad as they actually were. And after a while, it actually becomes laughable, all the madness and chaos we endure.


3 Responses to “Just Another Manic Work Week”

  1. Leesh April 21, 2010 at 11:35 pm #

    Sorry that you are having a crazy week at work…hopefully things will look better in weeks to come. At least tomorrow is Thursday.

    I am actually really hating work right now. Too much drama and politics going on. I have to drag myself out of bed and just try to get through the day.

    We should call in sick one day and just hang out, sit on a patio, drink beer all day and talk about Eclipse, tea and macarons.

    • Steph April 22, 2010 at 9:08 am #

      That sick day that you just described sounds divine! Sorry that you are not enjoying work. I hope things get better for you soon. Otherwise, tea, Eclipse, beer and macarons on a patio? It’s a date!

  2. Steph S C-O April 22, 2010 at 12:01 pm #

    Hey, I want in on that macaron date!!!
    Sorry to hear you’ve been having such a crappy week! (I had a feeling you were….)
    Weekend is almost here though….thank goodness!!!

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