A Slight Case of Wanderlust

20 Mar

In my lifetime, I’ve only ever been overseas once, and that was for a 5-day trip to Hong Kong. It had been planned as a 7-day trip, just thirteen days after 9/11 so the world was on high-alert when it came to air travel. Due to some failed security precautions that forced my plane to turn around after some 5 hours of flight and then be grounded for twelve hours, my trip was cut short by a day and a half. I was younger back then, and obviously had not thought it out very well, thinking that even 7 days was long enough to spend in Hong Kong for the time it took to get there and as well for the money that I paid for the flight itself. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. It took me more days to get over my jet lag. Now, I appreciate the value of my money, and more importantly, the value of my time. Some day, I hope to go back to that part of the world and give it the time that it deserves for exploration, off the beaten-path and especially away from the city’s subway line to which I had been confined.

Since that time 9 long years ago, my passport has been sorely underused, aside from the couple of smaller trips we’ve taken to Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

I’ve been bugging The BF to take me to India for a while now. The last time he was there was 6 years ago, right at the beginning of our relationship. He had left just a month after we had started dating, and he was gone for 4 full months. All of the newly dating couple’s moments of discovery and learning about each other happened over the course of these 4 months on the phone, MSN Messenger, and email. Technology made it easier for us to stay in touch and remain as close as we could, given that he was half a world away. He came back with a million stories to tell and developed a box full of photos to share. He has not been back since, but I’ve asked him to let me tag along the next time that he goes. He jokes that I wouldn’t be able to stand it there, considering my aversion to circumstances and places that are unclean, smelly or crowded. I want to convince him that while I can at times be somewhat priggish, I am able to be much more tolerant if it means that I would be experiencing and seeing it all for myself.

We may have the opportunity to go this October, as his cousin’s wedding has given him the long-awaited good reason to travel back. Whether or not we are going is not a definite thing yet. There are a number of factors that could change our decision one way or the other. I would like to just start booking the trip now, because to me, indecision about bigger things like this is somewhat a waste of time. Practicality sometimes wins you over, and before you know it, the opportunity passes. I would hate to get to October, be sitting at home and regretting not taking this chance to go.

To a world where I imagine that everyday life is
more colourful than ours at home.

Image from Michael Foley Photography, flickr.com

Image from @superamit, flickr.com

Photo from dwrawlinson, flickr.com

Where it’s a completely different way of life
that’s at once both simple and stunning.

Photo from FriskoDude, flickr.com

Photo from BringeBag, flickr.com

Where the food is rich and spicy
with a gusto to match the life it feeds.

Photo from Dey, flickr.com

Photo from luvsickmedia, flickr.com

Where I will have lots to learn
from the storied history and culture.

Photo from dwrawlinson, flickr.com

Photo from mckaysavage, flickr.com


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