My Weekend in a Few Pictures and More Words

8 Mar

I think I kind of love this time of year, especially after the weekend we just had. The days are getting noticeably longer, the sun was shining all weekend, and the warming temperature made us feel a little bit closer to the Spring. Though there’s still small patches of snow on my front lawn, I’m pretty encouraged knowing that they will soon melt and our world of grey and brown muck will be revived with lively greens and tiny buds of life waiting to bloom.

We had a really productive yet mellow Sunday, and I’m pretty sure that I owe the relaxedness of it all to the prospect of Spring. We started our day pretty early by having breakfast with Ai and Steph, after which we did a little running around to do some of our typical Sunday errands.

It was a beauty day. I love what the sunshine does to our front entrance on days like this.

We got home and I had to start making our food for the week. I turned on  Julie and Julia on my laptop and started to cook up a bit of a storm. Among the stuff that I made was this improvised thrown-together kind of thing. I had bought a head of broccoli and some sweet potatoes, and because I had intended on roasting both in the oven, I thought that I would save myself a little bit of time and combined the two on a baking sheet with a little bit of olive oil, red pepper flakes, Herbamare and garlic cloves.

A little bit of a strange combination, but completely edible and pretty tasty. I love the colours!

A few weeks ago, Leesh suggested that I  join Fab Brunette’s Fabulous Book Swap and because it sounded like a completely cool and neat thing to do, I signed up. I’m so glad that I did because I got my book in the mail today! My book swap partner ended up being Für Elisse, a blogger whom I’ve checked out more than a few times on Leesh’s Blog Roll. I had sent an email to Elisse yesterday introducing myself as her book swap partner, and also to explain myself in advance of her getting the package that I had sent because I was totally embarrassed about the way that I had sent her the book I had chosen for her. I was completely impersonal and anonymous by wrapping the book in a FedEx pak, and inserting that into a plain cardboard envelope. So, I felt that I had to explain to her that I am brand new to the world of blogging and she was my first ever swap buddy. I promise I will be better next time I participate in something like this! Now I’m so glad that I emailed Elisse, because she ended up being totally awesome and sweet and now I have a new friend through this blogging thing.

This was the pretty package I got from Elisse.

I see now that little touches like this make all the difference when you are getting a package in the mail. Elisse even included a lovely little note that explained what the book meant to her and why she chose it for me.

I now get to add Still Alice by Lisa Genova to my library and am looking forward to reading it and to really sinking my teeth into this book. I have eyed it a few times at the bookstore, but never picked it up. With Elisse’s endorsement, I’m sure that I’ll love it and can’t wait for a chance to sit down with it. Thanks Elisse! I hope you like what I’ve sent to you too.


7 Responses to “My Weekend in a Few Pictures and More Words”

  1. Leesh March 8, 2010 at 11:36 pm #

    Good call with the broccoli. I hate broccoli but the way you have prepared it, I would have eaten it.

    Isn’t Elisse a sweetheart?!?! She is awesome at presentation, she’s got that creative gene in her. One that I wish I had. Maybe you and I should start a craft night and S and A can participate too. We can call it S2A2 <–that's gay. I think it's because I am tired…

    I can't wait for my book to arrive.

    • stingaling March 9, 2010 at 9:32 am #

      S2A2 — I love it! Let’s do it, but only if you lead us. :o)

      • Leesh March 9, 2010 at 11:06 pm #

        The other Steph should lead, I think that she is the crafty one, or maybe the other A is crafty. I can only knit…

  2. ai March 9, 2010 at 10:13 pm #

    Hey steph, “still alice” is one of the books on my night stand. Let me know what you think…..
    and what crafts are we making!?!? sounds like fun!

  3. Elisse March 11, 2010 at 1:05 am #

    Thanks for the kind words & complements, stingaling & Leesh – you ladies are too sweet. How serendipitous is it that I met you both through blogging 😀 I will have to come and bug you two if ever I make it out to the Toronto area ;P

    Enjoy “Still Alice”! I can’t wait to get my book from you!


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