My Blue Weekend

15 Feb

Rumour has it that this was a pretty busy weekend, what with the 2010 Olympics opening, NBA All-Stars, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Family Day all happening simultaneously. I’m not sure what the significance of the latter is yet, just that it gives us a long weekend in the middle of our dismal winter. It was a jam-packed weekend for me, and I’m now back at home dreading facing another work week, but feeling pretty relaxed and ready for it. Not only did the extra day help, but filling all the days of my weekend with fun made it a good break.

First, I spent a very lovely Saturday spa-ing with 2 of my favourite girls in Port Credit. In the 20 minutes before our appointment, we discovered a boulangerie across the street at which we inhaled our lunches. Not very civilized or lady-like at all, but we were dangerously close to violating spa etiquette by showing up late for our appointments. My facial at this spa turned out to be the most relaxing facial experience I’ve ever had. It was an Aveda-concept spa, so I was slathered, rubbed, massaged with creams, scrubs and essential oils. No hot steam suffocating me, and best of all – none of those excruciating extractions. After we were done, we went back to the boulangerie across the street so that we  could get some more of those macaroons that Steph S C-O was kind enough to share with us before, and indulge more at home.

On Saturday night, BF and I were off to Blue Mountain. We were invited to spend the weekend up there with some of my Dragon Boat team mates in a condo that a couple of them had won in a silent auction at work. I have not been to Blue in 2 years, and I can’t get over how much it’s changed. The village has grown so much. It’s too bad that the “mountain” isn’t as big as the village, though. Some highlights of our weekend at Blue:

This was our view from our condo, smack dab in the middle of the village at Blue.

We were staying with a bunch of foodies, so we were treated to some delicious home-cooked meals like this Eggs Benedict breakfast on Sunday morning.

On Sunday, we had booked a caving excursion. Caving! No, not a tour of the Scenic Caves – it was a guided (beginner’s) expedition in a couple of the dark, underground caves in the area. None of us knew what to expect, and what started off as something that was completely intimidating and terrifying ended up being a really unique and cool experience that I would recommend to everyone, and even try again.

We hiked on snowshoes with our guides to the caves.

There was a lot of climbing, crawling, contorting, shimmying and squeezing to get into the dark recesses of these caves.

We were rewarded with hot apple cider by our guides after we had completed our exploration of 2 caves.

We met the sweetest dog ever, who stayed with us the entire time. Her name is Mojo and she belonged to one of our guides

I’d brought my snowboard up with me with every intention of going, seeing as I didn’t go at all last year because of all the craziness around the purchase of our house, and as well because we had somehow ended up with my brother’s and his friend’s pass, meaning we basically had free lift tickets for night boarding. However, in typical Me fashion, I had a couple of beers and glasses of wine after caving on Sunday, ended up getting drunk and then dead-tired after dinner. By 8:00, I was napping in bed while BF took advantage of the pass and got a couple of good runs in.

I’m so old and lame, and naturally, looking forward to the next long weekend.


One Response to “My Blue Weekend”

  1. Leesh February 15, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

    You went to Marish’s Boulangerie in Port Credit…I stopped by there one day after work to buy some quiche for dinner. I didn’t know that they had macaroons. I need to go back to see what else they have there.

    An overnight trip to Blue Mountain must have been a nice touch for your long weekend.

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