Wine + Cheese = I’m so fancy

11 Feb

As part of my Christmas gift, my BF had registered me for 2 classes at the LCBO, the first of which – Wine and Cheese Pairing – was tonight. It was an hour long class, and I got to sample some recommended pairings by the Product Consultant. We were provided with a plate of 6 cheeses, and the 6 paired wines, going through each match individually. I learned some new things, and I got to sample a few great wines that I would never have otherwise tried on my own – mostly because of the price tags. As well, there was 1 product that tasted like a good pricey wine, but we were all surprised to learn that it cost just $14.95.

Some things I learned tonight:

• food + wine pairing is not an exact science. A lot depends on your preference and your palate. If a cheese and a wine taste good together to you, then it works. You don’t need to over think it. For example, we sampled an aged cheddar with a Cab-Sauv/Merlot blend, but some people in the class preferred that cheese with a  Côtes-du-Rhône red, which had been paired with a smoked Gouda.
• when in doubt, much like pairing cuisine with wine, match by region. If you are having a Chianti, a good match may be Parmigiano or Fontina.
• you don’t need a special occasion for bubbly. Champagne or sparkling wine is perfect with rich, creamy cheeses like brie, because the bubbles help break down the richness/fattiness of these cheeses.
• it’s true, Port + blue vein cheeses, like the Stilton I tried tonight, sing when they are paired with each other. However, I still am really crept out by moldy, stinky cheese and am afraid there are funny things growing in my stomach now.

All in all, it’s about experimenting and trying different combinations and seeing what works for you. Learn about your own palate, and have fun discovering matches that work for you.


One Response to “Wine + Cheese = I’m so fancy”

  1. Steph S C-O February 12, 2010 at 9:52 am #

    woo hoo!!!! great blog Fancy girl! Before you know it, you’ll be a lady who lunches! 🙂

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